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Jimmy Bullard

Jimmy Bullard

Jimmy Bullard enjoyed a successful career in the game and had some marvelous moments with several clubs including Peterborough, Wigan Athletic, Fulham, Hull City & Ipswich Town. He made the England squad under Fabio Capello but despite pulling out all the stops to get the manager to notice him warming up on the sideline, the England cap never came.

Jimmy was not just another footballer though and his legacy is a popularity with the fans that transcends club loyalties. Jimmy brought something to the modern game that is rarely seen in our players today – huge personality, an effervescent boyhood enthusiasm and he smiles and jokes a lot.

Jimmy rose to the public conscious when he appeared on I’m a Celebrity in 2014. The public as well as seeing Jimmy in his underpants also fell in love with his extrovert personality until he was voted out first in one of the biggest shocks the popular series has ever seen.

When Jimmy is not playing professional golf or fishing he is working cultivating a career for himself in the TV industry. He has appeared on many TV shows and has a regular slot on Soccer AM with his ‘You Know The Drill’ feature. Jimmy also is the star of the cult podcast ‘Magic Sponge’ that for a very brief time was number 2 podcast on iTunes. His autobiography ‘Bend It Like Bullard’ was released in 2014 and despite the publisher promising him it would be a Times bestseller much like the England cap….it didn’t materialise.

You can find Jimmy on:
Instagram: @1jimmybullard
Twitter: @jimmybullard
Facebook: 1jimmybullard