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Our celebrity talent collectively have
over 24,593,900 Instagram followers

Our celebrity talent collectively have
over 28,389,000 Tik Tok followers

Our digital talent collectively have
over 2,062,064 YouTube subscribers



Off Limits Entertainment is a celebrity talent agency representing a variety of clients, both from scripted and unscripted backgrounds, across broadcast and digital. We pride ourselves on having a proactive team of agents who work closely with the roster of talent represented to ensure each client has a career plan tailored exactly to what they want to achieve. Our goal is to develop and further the careers of each individual talent we represent; we are extremely forward thinking and committed to elevating the careers of each of our clients. 

We have a 360° degree approach when it comes to our managing our talent; not only do we negotiate contracts for commercial opportunities and book for television, we also manage our clients day-today public relations, brand deals, live bookings and help our clients with any venture they wish to explore whether this is creating a podcast, publishing a book or developing their own brand/television concept as well as helping to manage their social media profiles.

We take pride in our work and consider our agency to be a family - the Off Limits Family - as we take a personable approach with each of our clients and work hard to ensure they are always progressing their careers.




At Off Limits Sports we manage every aspect of a sports person's career, allowing them to concentrate on performing in their sporting environment, including areas such as contract negotiation and management, media management, scheduling, commercial contracts, social media, personal logistics, financial team recruitment, career planning, post career planning, Broadcast opportunities, event attendance, publishing, collaborations and partnerships, podcasts and revenue generating opportunities.

We have over 40 years of experience in the sports industry managing a variety of athletes in the golf, football, cricket, darts, boxing and rugby along with broadcasters and celebrities. Off Limits Sports provides the unique opportunity to benefit from the experience, knowledge and relationships within the sporting world whilst utilising the opportunities, and skillsets Off Limits Entertainment - allowing the entertainment and sports world to intertwine and benefit from each other.

We are a leading Sports Management agency who have:

  • FA Licensed Football agents
  • Registered ECB cricket agents, allowing all aspect of a cricketers career to be managed in accordance with ECB regulations





Off Limits has strong, long standing relationships with many publications and journalists within the industry, across print and broadcast media.  The team goes above and beyond for all of clients to utilise their network of contacts, ensuring the brand are gaining maximum coverage, whether this is being regularly featured in relevant articles or being seen on television appearances.

We believe in dominating headlines for our clients, ensuring they are always top of the news agenda. 

Our media relationships go back decades, allowing us to work closely with editors to place high quality, high impact press coverage across print, online and broadcast media titles. We’ve used our knowledge from our Entertainment, Sport and Social divisions and intertwined this into our Off Limits Brand PR division. 

As well as providing you with a razor focused account management team, you’ll also be working with our in-house Publicists too, ensuring there is a strong strategy in place to amplify key moments in the calendar that are meaningful to you, your brands history and future brand goals.

We have an ‘always on’ approach to profiling our clients and are consistently working with the media ahead of time to ensure we are placing strategy led, positive narratives which maximise every future opportunity.


What we do

Off Limits Entertainment offer a 360 service to all clients. Our main aim as an agency is to facilitate the goals of our clients and tailor our services to benefit the career of each client individually. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service to all whom we represent, ensuring we are always approachable on a professional and personal level; our clients are all part of the ‘Off Limits Family’.

We are not your average agency; we ensure we go above and beyond to help where we can, transforming the careers of some of the UK’s most loved celebrity profiles. At Off Limits, we think outside the box and love to work with our talent on a 1-1 basis to gain understanding about the opportunities clients on our roster want to pursue across all aspects of their career.


What we do



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